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barry's chilled cherry soup from hungary

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Topic: barry's chilled cherry soup from hungary
Posted By: TasunkaWitko
Subject: barry's chilled cherry soup from hungary
Date Posted: 28 June 2011 at 09:00
copied from another post by BARRY - looks excellent on a summer day!
Sticky and warm… not referring to a dish… no, no, no the climate… and no… I aint complaining. Alas que summertime and sunshine. What a day and on my mind was turning the temperature down… think cold, think chilled, think light… think chilled cherry soup, and I know I said I would chill out (pun intended) with the summertime theme… but roll with the seasons, and more importantly the vibrations, the weather, the location and the company.
The weather, spanking.. the company family and the little sous chef, the location the family haven. I have been brought up with a grow your own moto.. Referring to vegetables, herbs (cooking that is), and of course potatoe being typically irish… a moto I have stayed true to in adulthood and try to inspire in my little sous chef as she embarks on her own life journey… When I was about her impressionable age, seven, maybe slightly older Dad branched out into the orchard business (pun intended)… he planted cherry, apple, pear, plum.. cherry, raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry and twenty odd years later his children have grown as well as his picturesque orchard. He sowed the seeds and reaps the rewards of his fruits… ok enough dodgy puns but you see were am going here his garden is beautiful and now our children run round that garden ducking and weaving, hiding and seeking among his beautiful garden (how nostalgic!).. The freshest of fruit, a real treat whether it is for jams, soups, tarts and pies or just plain plucking, delicious and nutritious… If you have the space I would definitely recommend it… Aldi, all major supermarkets run seasonable specials selling baby trees good for the garden, better for the soul… bang

Anyway, getting back to the Cherry Soup. We picked a bag of these puppies and got to work. It really is a dessert and is really a great way to celebrate summer in an easy chilled out manner….
2 1/2 pounds of pitted cherries (fresh is best, but if you don’t have a ready supply in your back garden, frozen work to, or off to the fruit and veg…. you will taste the difference with fresh though)

4 cups of water"> Quater cup of honey or syrup, honey works best…

juice of 1 lemon

Whipped cream or yogurt for topping

Sugar to season

How to
Put cherries, honey or syrup and water in a pot , bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for around twenty minutes stirring occasionally…

Cool to room temp.

Whack into a blender with lemon juice and set that bad boy to full tilt. Season to taste, with sugar, and more honey be careful not to overdo less is best.

Once blended pass through a fine sieve to remove any unwanted bits and bobs… muslin cloth if you had it also is ideal.

Once passed into a fridge or freezer even… put the feet up for ten minutes…

Right now ready to serve… into bowl, remember cherries we held back add two or tree to garnish…

Lightly whipped cream into a piping tube(can be bought in any supermarket store)… start centre of your chilled soup and work your way round and round circling outwards… bang… if you are not fussed with getting dizzy try a zig zag.. a cornel or just about whatever tickles your cherry…innovate not imitate I forgot my cream as you will see below... equally as delicious without ...">

Onto table and enjoy with a glass of fresh lemonade… mega">

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