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Guanajuatense Guacamole

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Topic: Guanajuatense Guacamole
Posted By: Margi Cintrano
Subject: Guanajuatense Guacamole
Date Posted: 26 January 2013 at 05:01

Este guacamole es una botana pero puede ser relleno de chiles poblanos o servirse con tortillas de maíz ... Esta receta es comun en los estados de Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Colima y en partes de Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico ... 

This guacamole can be employed in the stuffing of poblano chili peppers or served simply with corn Tortilla. The recipe is found throughout the Mexican provinces of Guanajuato, Aguacalientes ( hot waters ), Colima and Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, who I had met at Madrid Fusion, when Mexico was the visiting guest country two years ago, had given me his recipe ... And now I am posting it for all of you ...
guacamole guanajuatense  ...
2 ripe large Hass black wrinkled Mexican avocados
salt to taste
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
1/2 cup of fresh Guayaba fruit minced without seeds ( sub fresh Mango if unavailable )
1/4 cup of durazno ( yellow peach ) fresh peeled and depitted ( can a large jar peach ) or a banana  
1 cup of peeled deseeded cucumber diced finely
1/4 cup white onion finely minced
1/4 cup fresh cilantro finely minced
1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds for adorning ( 1 fresh chinese apple called a pomegranate )
1 or 2 dry red flakes or green flakes or a fresh chili pepper of choice 
1) split the avocados in half and sack the huge pit
2) remove the avocado pulp with a spoon
3) place in a medium size glass bowl
4) mash the avocado to a spread dip pesto consistency and sprinkle with salt to taste
5) add the tropical fruit diced, the cucumber diced, the peach diced in cubes, the onion minced and the garlic minced and the fresh cilantro minced and toss gently
6) readjust the salt and the chili pepper or slice finely the serrano or jalapeño and toss very gently
7) serve this with the pomegranate seeds as a sweet garnish and hot corn tortillas
This is quite lovely and can be prepared in Martini Cocktail glasses for home entertaining.
Delicious and a rainbow of colors ...

Volamos a Mediterraneo, un paraiso que conquista su gente u su cocina.

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