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Malai Kofta

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Topic: Malai Kofta
Posted By: kiwi
Subject: Malai Kofta
Date Posted: 26 March 2010 at 23:45
I just had an enormous fail trying to make this. Gave up after ruining about half my koftas, left the other half to try another day, and got burgers instead. Anyone had kofta success that they feel like sharing?

kai time!

Posted By: kiwi
Date Posted: 28 March 2010 at 01:26
Eventually made it work! took 5 bloody attempts Angry in the end I had to resort to adding eggs to the koftas. Without the binding agent, I couldn't stop the things from falling apart. First I tried deep frying, as per most of the recipes on the net, and all the little potato particlesslowly came off, and each proceded to bubble, starting a reaction much like baking soda and vinegar, but with boiling oil Shocked

then I tried flouring them, and the same thing happened. by now I was mostly out of oil, so  tried shallow frying, same thing happened, but because there wasn't as much oil, they kinda just melted away. Then, desperately, I tried baking / grilling them, and they just oozed out into pancakes of unhappy starch, with vege lumps...

At this point I was pretty unhappy with the situation, so rang up my mate (Nisarg - is Indian)'s mother to ask for advice. she said (imagine accent here) "well what are you using as a bind[ing agent]" and I told her that I couldn't find a recipe that used one. she told me to stop being silly and put an egg in the mix. This fixed the problems and I shallow fried my kofta in nice sausage shapes, and all was well in the world. Here's my recipe. I'm not sure how 'authentic' it is but I enjoyed it, it finally worked, and Nisarg said "That's choice, bro". He's been in NZ a while...

For the koftas:
~2.5 cups of mashed potato
1 cup of crumbled paneer
~ 3 Tbsp of Khoa (I used riccota and a dash of milk as a substitute)
2 tsp cumin (ground)
1 tsp corriander (ground)
1/2 cup of chopped nuts and seeds (I used almond, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, coz that's what was lying around)
3/4 cup of cooked mixed vege - something like peas, corn, carrot)
salt to taste
1/3 cup of flour
1 egg
flour for flouring and oil for cooking in.

combine and mash together all ingredients in whatever arbitrary order makes sense to you. the resulting dough should be pretty firm. shape into the shapes you want to cook it into (many people do balls but I prefer a longish sausage shape that I can fry on all four sides) and coat in flour. These are normally deep fried (balls would suit this) but I was mostly out of oil and patience, so shallow fried until browned on all sides. Put these aside for later. these can be preped ahead of time, and frozen / fridged or whatever as needed.

For the gravy I just used a fairly standard recipe that gets adapted for most of my curries. I don't really measure anything but here is the jist of it:
~2-3 Tbsp of oil
2 onions, chopped
1 shallot, chopped
2 Tbsp of garlic paste (I know, I should use cloves, but paste is so easy!)
1 Tbsp of ginger paste
two small fresh red chilis, HOT, seeded and chopped (needed using)
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp corriander powder
2 Tbsp Pav Bahji Marsala (just my favourite curry blend, sub in your own)
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp of HOT chili powder (stolen from Nisarg Big smile)
1 Tbsp ground almond
1 can of chopped tomatos
salt to taste
~1/2 cup of plain unsweetened youghurt (If desired for creamyness. I like it. Works without though)

heat oil in a pan on medium-low heat. helps if the pan has a lid, to stop spitting curry everywhere later. as the oil is heating, add the dry spices and mix into a paste. fry this paste for a minute or two to get it nice and aromatic. If too dry add more oil. add garlic and ginger, continue to fry, keeping it moving around in the pan. add onions, shallot, fresh chilli and almond, and increase the heat a bit to a good medium. fry until the onions start to sweat the oils out and go translucent, then remove from the heat. put the can of tomatos into the blender (If they're crap quality then a bit of tomato paste won't go amiss) and then the fried stuff on top, and blend as smooth as you can. add this back to the pan, turn the heat back on, add salt and simmer the gravy for a good 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. a lid helps here, as the mixture is quite thick and makes a mess. add the yoghurt if desired, then keep simmering for another 5 minutes or so, and the sweetness of the tomato should begin to fade slightly, and the oils will look like they're seperating a little. This (Nisarg informs me) is the point you aim for. at this point if the gravy is too thick you can add a bit of water, but it's meant to be pretty thick so be careful. Turn off the heat down to the lowest you can get and add the koftas, and put the lid back on. When the koftas are heated through, serve on rice or with naan bread.

kai time!

Posted By: TasunkaWitko
Date Posted: 29 March 2010 at 07:18
hey, kiwi - i applaud your persistence and effort on this! it sounds like a great dish - i do have a book on indian cooking, and will do some reading on this dish to learn more.
thanks for posting!

Posted By: kiwi
Date Posted: 29 March 2010 at 14:14
a kofta is a fried morsal that appears in all sorts of forms in a lot of the world.

Often they are meat but I quite like cooking vego stuff.

Didn't get any photos of the dish but will try to remember next time. It may be some time, this meal turned into quite a debacle. for now I'll just give you this:
they mostly look nicer than mine anywaySmile

kai time!

Posted By: abhisheksawant
Date Posted: 18 September 2019 at 04:50
You have to add corn flour or corn starch for binding, otherwise it will be a great failure. You can get the best recipe on living foodz. I tired and made tasty - malai kofta in my kitchen. It is a decent website to avail good tips for cooking any dish. Just watch the videos and step by step procedure of making of mala kofta and try it a home, you will get a perfect dish.< ="text/">

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