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Kolozsvari Rakott Kaposzta

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Topic: Kolozsvari Rakott Kaposzta
Posted By: gracoman
Subject: Kolozsvari Rakott Kaposzta
Date Posted: 15 October 2017 at 11:00
This dish is so widespread, so well loved that it can rightfully be posted in several forums here.  It is pure comfort food in much of Eastern and Central Europe reaching even into Russia.  It has a Romanian and Hungarian take as well so it fits well into this years Halloween themed dishes. 

It it goes by a many names and even has different name within the same country. 
Kluski z Kapusta in Poland and Slovakia
Haluski in US some ethnic communities
Káposztás Kocka or Kaposztás Tészta in Hungary
and Varza a la Cluj in the rest of Romania that isn't Transylvania.

There are many more names

Call it what you like but Cabbage and Noodles is what the dish is. Variations are endless. Meats such as smoked bacon or pork can be added, sour cream, tomato paste, vegetables such as peas etc. Simple, filling, and delicious.

This dish in its purest form (as I have come close to here) is only cabbage, onions, egg noodles and butter. Mushrooms are sometimes included and I have included them along with lots of fresh cracked black pepper in this week's spooky Transylvanian dinner.

Transylvanian Kolozsvari Rakott Kaposzta">

This dish is good enough, and simple enough,  to now be included in my regular rotation.

Posted By: TasunkaWitko
Date Posted: 23 October 2017 at 10:17
Excellent, gMan - The Beautiful Mrs. Tas, whose grandmother immigrated to Montana from what is now Slovakia, loves her family's variation on this, and I enjoy it myself.

Love the photo!

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